Colleen O'Keefe

Barn Manager

Colleen's intense attention to every detail, her extensive knowledge of all things horse and her genuine love for every horse in the barn make her the superglue that holds everything, and everyone, together! Colleen does it all – scheduling lessons, farriers and vets; deciding which horse gets turned out when, where and with whom; paying careful attention to the weather forecast for proper blanketing; managing everyone else who helps out at the barn and supervising diet and supplements. Her precise leg wrapping skills are unmatched in the industry! Colleen also is the magician that makes every horse show run like a well-oiled machine. Whether it is a local day show or weeks spent far away from home, everything you need (and then some) has been brought along. Behind every successful ride, lesson or ribbon, there is Colleen.

Heather Ann Cahill-Egginton

Trainer, Professional Rider

Heather Ann grew up on horses at HRF. Riding with Bob since she was 12, Heather is a most integral part of the HRF family. She and Bob are like one person, frequently saying the exact same thing at the exact same time and completing each other's sentences. Heather's career highlights include trips into the rings at the International Hunter Derby Finals in the Rolex Ring in KY, The Dixon Oval, Harrisburg, Penn National, Washington National plus too many more to mention. Heather is thoughtful, kind, caring and extremely hard working. You can always count on her to be there – whether she is preparing you for the ring mentally and physically, cheering you on from the ingate or wiping away a tear with an encouraging word. Her infectious smile keeps everyone going!

Robert Cole

Owner, Trainer

No other name is met with more respect in the industry than that of Bob Cole. To quote one of his signature sayings, Bob has "been around since the day of the flood." Horses have been in his blood since his childhood growing up in Watchung NJ. Bob's uncanny ability to just know the right way to address an issue both equine and human, combined with his genuine kindness to people and animals, have produced some of the most successful riders. Many of his adult clients have been with him since they were children, and that kind of trainer loyalty is hard to find. Quick with a smile, supportive comment, clever tip and a relaxing evening of music and song after a long day of showing, everyone loves Bob.